Digital Garment Creation Course (Basic)

This course focuses on the technical process of garment creation, using CLO 3D as our primary software for garment creation. It also focuses on the creation of custom fabric textures using the native Clo3D presets and also third party software like photoshop, procreate and substance painter.


  • Understanding the technical process of creating a digital garment
  • Improving your pattern making skill set digitally
  • Understanding the foundation of fabric textures and its application


The course is designed for absolute beginners to the digital garment creation workflow. It is also for others with intermediate level knowledge in the creation of digital garments.

I have spent a lot of time creating the sometimes complicated workflow of creating digital garments. What it is that you should focus on first to achieve a realistic looking garment.

In this course we would be using mainly Clo3D which is a paid software,it would be advisable to opt for the free trial before going ahead to purchase a subscription for the software. Also procreate for the custom illustration used but this is optional, photoshop can be used in instead.
Student are advised should they require any sort of support during the course, to send an email to
No it is not compulsory, but it would be advisable to take part in the final project submission to get expert feedback.

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